Now that New York as a whole has successfully slowed the spread of the virus, our public hospitals -- and Queens Hospital in particular -- is committed to continuing this remarkable progress. As we prepare for a possible second wave in the fall, we are asking you to support “THE NEW YORK CITY MASK-A-THON,” our city’s first face mask donation drive. The goal of this important campaign is to distribute one million free cloth face masks to the residents of New York City, and one million N-95 masks to our city’s heroic health care workers by the fall.

As you know, Queens Hospital was at the epicenter of this pandemic in early spring. Although we have made tremendous progress since then, the pandemic remains a tangible threat that requires everyone to persist in taking necessary precautions, including the routine wearing of face masks when out in public. That’s why we’re asking you to officially become a Friend of the Fearless by supporting our hospital’s MASK-A-THON. Here's how it works:

  • You start by selecting the amount that you would like to donate to donate to the hospital to help us provide free cloth face masks to members of the public and N95 masks to our healthcare workers.
  • The money you donate will be used by the hospital to purchase cloth face masks and N95 face masks.
  • The cloth face masks will be distributed to patients and members of the public at no cost. Each mask will be emblazoned with the phrase, "New York's Fearless," a newly adopted nickname that aptly describes the selfless bravery of our hospital employees.
  • The N95 masks made possible by your donation will be given to frontline heroes to help protect them as they provide care to our patients.

Many of you had our back when the virus first hit, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. We hope you’ll join this renewed effort that will surely play a major role in helping us keep this pandemic at bay. By supporting this cause you will actively participate in informing the public about how they can remain diligent by protecting themselves in the coming months. 

With your help we are confident that we will meet our goal. Thank you for supporting Queens Hospital. Thank you for supporting THE NEW YORK CITY MASK-A-THON. Thank you for being a Friend of the Fearless.

Multi Packs
You can also use the "BUY NOW" button on this page to purchase a pack of our hospital's New York's Fearless cloth face masks for you and yours. The proceeds from sales will be used to purchase personal protective equipment for our employees.
About the MASK-A-THON